Eyebrow Lift Aesthetics

Eyebrow Lift Aesthetics

Eyebrow lift is an operation performed on eyebrows which shade eyes and give an angry and tired expression to the face. Eyebrows which support the facial beauty and especially the eye beauty are the auxiliary limbs for a fresh and bright image. In the natural aging process, the deep grooves on the forehead and the lines between the two eyebrows are very normal. Eyebrows, which are especially exposed to sunlight and lose their youthful appearance with weight fluctuations, begin to droop over time in addition to wrinkles. Eyebrow lift operations will make a smooth forehead as well as a tense eyebrow structure, which will give the bright image to the face. The angry, sad and tired expression is resolved through eyebrow lift operation.

Why do eyebrows droop?

Due to aging and with the effect of gravity, large forehead muscles and tissues supporting this area gradually begin to weaken and cause eyebrows to droop by weakening the eyebrow area which has a soft tissue. All of these factors bring about an aggravated, flood and constantly tired eyebrow and forehead area. Most of the people who want to have eyebrow lift operations mention that they cannot do normal facial expressions due to the droopy eyebrow and forehead area making compression on eyelids.

How is eyebrow lift operation performed?

With the eyebrow lifting operation, it is possible to reduce the prominent horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, regain the natural arch of the eyebrows and tighten the loosening muscles. In this way, it is planned to achieve relaxed, bright, young and fresh face by getting rid of the concerned and tired appearance. We do eyebrow lifting operations within Aesthetic International Health Group by using thread lift technique without making any incision.

What is eyebrow thread lift procedure?

Eyebrow thread lift technique has a contemporary infrastructure developed with the aim of providing maximum comfort and short healing processes to patients with advanced technology. In the eyebrow thread lift, the droopy eyebrow is hanged on the skull by entering from the hairline with microdevices. This technique, which is a non-surgical procedure, is applied by integrating with the simultaneous Botox, thread facelift aesthetics, and ultherapy methods, and the existing wrinkles and loose skin tissue are recovered.

Do threads break in the non-surgical eyebrow thread lift technique?

Possibilities that eyebrows may get droopy again and the threads are broken are solved by using the double-thread technique. Eyebrow area is quite motile, and mimics are used mostly in this area, the double thread is placed to reduce the weight on threads, so the pressure on a single thread is reduced and threads are placed to share the weight together. In this way, eyebrows never droop again, and they are lifted up at the desired level.

What are the advantages of the eyebrow thread lift technique?

•  It is a non-surgical, scarless method without any incision

•  It does not require dressing or bandage

•  Recovery period is quite short

•  Patients can immediately return to social life

•  No sense loss is seen because nerves are not stimulated

•  Wrinkles disappear

•  Face gets a fresh and bright look

•  There is no risk for repetition

•  It is performed in a short time as 15 minutes