Before Rhinoplasty Operation

Patients should think about the reasons why they want to undergo this operation, determine their expectations from this operation and share these with their surgeons before the operation. Every rhinoplasty surgery should be performed with an individual planning according to the person's current nasal structure, the proportion of the nose with the face and the patient’s reasonable desires.

It is very important to talk to the patient in detail about the preoperative and postoperative period and to establish a healthy communication between the doctor and the patient. At this point, the patient should be sincere about his/ her expectations and mental status, and the surgeon should clearly explain the possible outcomes for the patient.

Surg. Orhan Alan, MD informs his patients before the operation about anaesthesia and the surgical technique to be used, surgical environment, cost and possible risks of the surgery and other issues.

Before the operation, patients should report the previous nasal treatment, nasal surgery, breathing difficulties and allergic issues to the surgeon, share the drugs if they use them constantly, and inform the surgeon about smoking and alcohol consumption.

The surgeon who is going to perform the operation should warn the patients before the surgery about nutrition, smoking and alcohol consumption, give them information about the preparation procedures for the operation. These instructions should be certainly followed by the patient, which will provide a more comfortable and healthier period for both the patient and the surgeon. Surg. Orhan Alan, MD gives suggestions to his patients that they should have enough sleep at night before the operation, they should get rid of stress and relax themselves, they should come to the operation with comfortable clothes, male patients should cut their moustaches, female patients should not wear accessories like earring, necklace etc. and they should come to the operation with someone who will accompany them after the surgery.